Do you have iron in your private water supply?
With energy and mains water costs spiralling it pays to keep your borehole pump clean and free from any iron build up or iron bacteria as this can and will seriously reduce the performance of the pump.

The first image is of a borehole pump that has been in service for two years on a medium size dairy farm, the customer had noticed that the flow and pressure had dropped off resulting in the compressor on the bulk tank running for longer, because of poor flow through the plate cooler and several of the buildings had no water during higher demand.

Again the borehole pump (Grundfos SQE a very expensive intelligent electronic borehole pump) in the images below, is providing private water to a dairy farm. The pump is controlled by a electronic variable speed drive which had stopped working correctly (not ramping the pump up and down dependent on water demand) this was due to the very large build up of iron.


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