Services and Maintenance

South West Pumps For Utilizing Water:
Due to ever increasing costs and shortage of water. Customers are looking to utilize a private water supply whether it be a spring, well or borehole. We can provide pumping and treatment equipment to maximize the usage of this very important and vital resource.

South West Pumps For Pumps:
We can source a vast range of pumps to suit your application from the smallest domestic unit right through to the largest industrial units:
• Sewage pumps & Package Pump Stations
• Dirty & Clean Water Pumps
• Borehole & Well Pumps
• Private & Mains Water Booster Pumps & Volume Wash
• Rain Water Utilization Pumps

South West Pumps For Service:
After sales service, 3 – 6 – 12 month service visits to maintain your pumping equipment and control systems to minimise energy costs and the risk of breakdown. Also we provide a complete system refurbishment when the equipment needs vital up dating.

South West Pumps For Water Engineering:
Pumped and gravity fed water systems, private and mains water boosted systems. Geological surveys for the evaluation of a new
borehole system.


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South West Pumps For Repair & Breakdown:
For all types of pumps and pumping equipment, we provide a prompt on site service, all of our engineers are fully trained in health and safety with confined space entry certification. If your system cannot be economically repaired we can provide new replacement equipment within a very short period of time.

South West Pumps For Water Treatment:
Private and mains water, all aspects of water treatment.
• Water Analysis
• PH Correction
• Iron & Manganese Removal
• Sediment Filtration
• UV Sterilization
• On Site Borehole Cleansing.

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