Sewage Pumps

We can supply and install all of the major brands of sewage pumps, which are complimented with not so well known, but equally as important because they bridge the application gap of the major brands.

With any sewage pump careful selection must be carried out to suit the application, the following should/must be considered.



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  • The size of the sewage system, how many people, bathrooms, cloakrooms, kitchens and properties that it needs to serve.
  • The need for 24 hour storage, in the event of power failure or possible breakdown.
  • Horizontal distance and size of the rising main.
  • Static head of the rising main.
  • Power supply available (230v, 400v)
  • Maximum flow rate allowed into the local mains sewage system (however this may not be applicable).
  • So it’s not one pump will suit all applications.

Please remember with all/any sewage pump regardless of brand or model, only flush the three P’s as a blocked pump is very unhappy pump.

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